Seward Bluegrass Camp for Kids offers young people, ages 6-16, an opportunity to explore a diverse range of traditional music styles and instruments in a supportive and encouraging environment. Throughout the week, students will engage in four classes during the day, one of which will be performing at the end of camp. We teach everything from individual instruments (beginning through advanced guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, singing and songwriting), to dance, singing, jamming, songwriting, and performing. This is a great event to foster new friendships and old, and bring the enjoyment of playing music into your life!

Ages 6-16. We request that campers have completed Kindergarten or equivalent prior to registration for the camp. Please speak with your child about behavior expectations while at camp.



Class sizes are limited and preferences are honored by registration arrival. Your schedule, songbook, and other information will be given to you when you arrive at camp.

Students will be taking a different instrument class during each Block for a total of three instrument classes, plus a band class. Although your student will only be taking three classes, please indicate your top five choices in order of importance on the Registration Form. We will make every effort to give each student his or her top three choices for the three Blocks. If you have questions about what classes to sign up for, please email us at bluegrasscampsforkids@yahoo.com.

Please Note: Please spend a few moments on your Registration Form to tell us about your ability: How many years you have played, what your favorite song is, what song you are currently working on, other capabilities, and your goals for camp. If you are signing up online, you may fill this out in the “Additional Comments” section.

We highly recommend that students that sign up to be in a Intermediate or Advanced level class also sign up to be in a Jamming class. One of the great things about being able to play and learn music is to able to play songs with one another and our peers, and our Jamming classes encourage that growth in our more advanced students.

Payment: Tuition for camp is $275. Please follow this link to complete payment.

Pay Tuition for Camp Here!


We feel that playing multiple instruments is a great asset to a child’s musical education, and that is why we encourage children to take multiple instrument classes. Understandably, many children may not have those instruments readily at hand. We do our best to provide instruments for each student, but due to our limited resources, Seward Bluegrass Camp for Kids cannot guarantee instruments for each camper at every class. Although rare, students may be asked to share an instrument with one other student in class. If a student wishes to bring in their own instrument, they are welcome to do so. Students are welcome to share their instrument when they are not using it, or to reserve it for private use only. If you have an extra instrument that you would be willing to loan to the camp, please state that on your registration form.


Closed-Campus Policy

We have a closed campus policy, meaning students are to be signed out at the end of the day. On the Release Form, parents may choose to not sign their child out, which means the child may leave camp without a parent signature after the day ends. If a parent indicates that they would like to sign their child out, they must come to camp and sign the child out each day. If no ones signs a child out, Seward Bluegrass Camp for Kids calls the parents around 4:30pm. We do NOT require a sign-in for the morning as we take role each day and a phone call is made to the parents if there is a child absent. If you would like to call in a student absent before or during camp, please contact Kate at 907.350.2562.



Resurrection Lutheran Church

400 3rd Ave.

Seward, AK 99664


United Methodist Church

321 4th Ave.

Seward, AK 99664



Please bring your own sack lunches to camp. Water bottles and recorded devices are welcome, but please leave electronic games at home. Snacks will be provided.


Daily Schedule

Registration Monday Only! – 9:30am- 10:00am – At Resurrection Lutheran Church

10:00am – Morning Activity

10:30am – Block 1

11:15am – Snack Time

11:30am – Block 2

12:20pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Band

2:00pm – Block 3

3:00pm – Afternoon Activity

3:30pm – Done for the Day!


Camp Concert

The end of camp concert will be held at 4:00pm on Friday, July 13th at the Resurrection Lutheran Church. This is an opportunity for you to play the song you have rehearsed with your band, and show your parents and friends what you have learned during the camp.



Music camps take a lot of time and energy to put on, and parent volunteers are much needed and appreciated.  If you would like to volunteer, please indicate so on your student’s registration form.


Additional Questions

Seward Bluegrass Camp for Kids

Kate Hamre



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